Body as Temple

Bodies are like temples.  They are most sacred.  They are as sacred as a church, or any man made object. The following are my many thoughts on the matter. By the end, if you put them together, all or part, they say temple. Each paragraph might stand alone with bullets, but I chose to just let it flow
I’d say that it is a birthright to be naked because it is as using a temple, which is at one with nature, in mind and spirit.
It is important to love and respect the body.  It deserves to be treated as the miracle that it is. It is our vehicle to explore incarnation, to live life. It is a gift.
No matter what, no body is nobody.
This flesh and blood is an object of great beauty and wonder. It is so very complex, what else could it be but a genuine miracle? Pieces of it are numbered in the billions, interacting, functioning together and ready for most situations. It all is just incomprehensible when one realizes how amazing it all is.  
I’d say, most would, that this entire world is a gift. As so, it is spiritual. The body is born out of this. We try to explain and understand the intricate miraculous nature of the body, but always, we are still far behind in understanding its wisdom. Being in my body is a spiritual act in a magnificent temple. The Taj Mahal, Charts Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel can’t ever compare to the amazing place in which each of us dwells.

The way I see it, the body must be accepted as it is. Healthy is a state of beauty. Everyone can be beautiful with that in mind.  Beauty stereotypes and fashion are highly overrated. They try to diminish something precious.
It is not shameful to be aware of the naked form, to show it. As amazing as it is, it should be celebrated. There’s no shame in that. How did culture place shame on such a wonderful sacred thing?
We are not meant to be a shape dictated by a social idea. Natural is how well a body gets us through life’s tasks.  A body isn’t meant to be someone else’s idea of perfect. It is to get through the experiences of life. After all, the purpose of life is to just experience life. It is here and unique to the individual’s purpose. The guy sitting next to you, or sitting in a fashion house, really can’t judge, or decree better than what the Universe has set up for us.
When a body is more healthy, the whole system, the spirit and mind included, will function better. Some house cleaning, of sorts, is warranted for a temple.
Just like accepting a body, we must accept ourselves. We must integrate and face shadows, inside and out. A guru once said that inside of each of us has a cesspool of things that we don’t want to see. We must face these to be healthy. We must continually cleanse. We must cleanse along with this, physically.
By being aware, by seeing others as ourselves, we get oneness.  If we can forgive ourselves, then we can forgive others. When we understand, we accept. We wash away, or integrate once we see as it is. It is the same for the body, the spirit, or mind.
Religion is supposed to help us toward something divinely healthy. The body deserves the same attitude and reverence as any church. Not just on Sunday, but always. We must be who we are to see and then to change. None of this works, if you cover stuff up.
It is wrong to cover up, to hide, to not accept a body. It’s just not healthy. Not being healthy has to do with the mind too. We must stand naked, honest with ourselves in an authentic manner and isn’t nudity just that? Don’t both go hand in hand?
We are a work in progress, we are changing and also the body is the …

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