7 Ideas to Make your Home a Nudist Haven

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Many nudists, me included, are naked all day long, temperature and activities allowing. However, I did not come to being a 24 × 7 nudist overnight. As I often say, nudism is a journey. It expands, it transforms, and it morphs into something that is bigger than just being naked. Whether you’re a home nudist, and discovered nudism in the privacy of your home, or a social nudist, and go to nudist resorts and beaches, here are 7 ideas to make your house a nudist haven where you can live naked and share nude time with your beloved ones, in a comfortable way.
Clothing Optional
A nudist haven is, to me, a clothing-optional place that respects all sensitivities. If you come home, there are good chances I’ll be naked. I’ll invite you to join me, but will respect your choice whatever it will be. If my nudity makes you uncomfortable, I’ll cover-up to show respect and will go into a discussion about nudism and simple nudity to see if there’s a chance that you accept my nudity.
People need to know they enter a clothing-optional place where they can meet naked people. A simple sign at the entrance of your property will inform visitors. A search on “clothing optional sign” in Amazon brought back 125 results. I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit in your environment.

But people will know that I’m a nudist, might you ask? Sure. Of course, depending on where you live, you may want to keep this a little bit secret and hence not announcing it right at your doorstep. Make sure you have cover-up handy if you receive a visit then. Otherwise, I encourage to put a sign right next to your doorbell or on the gate of your garden. Visitors will not be able to say they did not know and you’ll be able to wander naked without a second thought.

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