5 Ways to Tell Family and Friends you are a Nudist

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For many nudists, nudism is a personal activity. Not because they would not want to share it, but because it’s frowned upon by their family and friends. So they think. If it’s true in some cases, it’s a fantasy most of the time. Why, because my experience has shown that most people don’t care at worst, are curious at best. If you don’t know how to come out as a nudist, you will find below 5 tips to help you go over your fear and be open about the fact that you’re a nudist.
Before jumping into those tips, I want to clarify a few points. Being open about nudism is not being loud about it. It’s not about flaunting around and post nude pics on social networks. Being open about nudism is about not hiding it, while not imposing it to others that may make them feel uncomfortable. Having said this, each and every nudist live her or his nudism her or his way. However, if you’re shy about it and don’t know how to share it with friends and family, you may find this post useful to be aligned with your values and be at peace with yourself.
Have Nudist Books and Magazines
Not sure about where to find nudist books and magazines? Have a look at our books page. It’s far from being comprehensive, but a more comprehensive list can be found on Paul’s site here, probably the most comprehensive list of a naturist library. As you can see, there’s a ton of books and many magazines on nudism and naturism. Some will cover some aspects of nudism, some are broader in their perspective. The cool thing is that there’s enough material on nudism to read for weeks.

The other cool thing is there are a lot of books to introduce the topic of nudism to others. Here are a few examples:
If you can, have a paperback or hardcover of some and lend them to your friends and family when they ask about naturism and nudism, or when they find them in your library. The same applies to magazines. There are fewer of them but here are a few examples available:
Subscribe to one or two of those magazines. Not only will you read about nudism and naturism, enhancing your journ …

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