What’s the problem with nudism?

For almost 6 years, we have been publishing at least one blog post a week and a question we regularly get is where our inspiration keeps coming from. The answer is simple: From you. From the people we meet online and offline. From long talks and intriguing social media conversations. One of the platforms that never fails to inspire us is Reddit. Like this recent post about what people see as the biggest problem within nudism.

In itself, it’s quite a simple question. But the 85 comments (at the time of writing) do give some very interesting insights into what naturists and nudists are struggling with these days. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the most recurring issues as well as the ones that we personally find particularly interesting.

Gated environments
Nudism still happens a lot behind high gates, complete with gatekeepers who may ask for membership cards, proof of identity, and in rare cases even do background checks. It’s a way of keeping nudist places secure, but it’s also daunting for first-time visitors.

We remember going to a naturist campsite in Austria. We had found the address on the internet and just showed up in front of a large gate in the woods. We rang the bell. Several minutes later, an elderly man opened the gate just far enough to stick his head out. In basic German, we asked whether this was a naturist campsite. He replied “Yes”. We asked whether we could camp there, and he just closed …

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