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This blog post has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of France4Naturisme. A group of 6 naturist campsites in France that are living proof that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Is there anyone who still believes that global warming and climate change are nothing but myths? Summer after summer, the newspapers are filled with reports about wildfires. They seem almost unstoppable. This isn’t something particularly new, but it does seem like the fire departments can’t count anymore on the support of a good rain shower like they used to. And when it does rain, it rains hard. Causing floodings in places where we would’ve never expected it a decade ago.

Those are just the signs that are very much in our faces. Less noticeable but even more disturbing are the increasing temperatures of ocean water, the diminishing or Arctic sea ice, and the changing snow patterns, that will eventually result in even wilder weather. It has become more than obvious that change needs to happen. Right now.

How to reduce our ecological footprint
Reducing our ecological footprint is not something most of us love thinking about. Because it comes at a cost. Maybe not particularly monetary, but definitely when it comes to comfort. Do we really need such a large car? Shouldn’t we just stop eating steak and get our nutrients from crickets? Has the time come to invest in solar panels and a windmill?

Are we willing to pay …

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