Redington Monsoon II

Back on Sat. after Thursday
We’re at Redington Pass again. The Monsoon is extra wet and we can’t resist this place. Today, we decide to take the high road to avoid the crowds and make better time toward the upper part of the flow.
The vegetation has grown thick here.  So, having come nose to nose with rattlesnakes along here before, extra caution is taken. I wouldn’t want to disturb anyone’s daily beauty rest.
We descend the last tall steps into the bedrock bottom of the canyon.
There appears to be even more water since the rains last night. This place changes daily, when the rains come.
Off to the side of the main channel, a feeder stream is flowing with fresh rainwater. I try the little waterfall and sip a drink!

As our day progresses, the waters will be draining out of the canyon. The flow will alter the sand bars, leaving ridges. There will be trails where the more diminutive flows will change and finally disappear. By the end of this day, we will have seen a distinct drop in the water flow.
We are making our way further back into the canyon. We round the bend where the cement dam used to block the flow for cattle. Years ago, it was washed out. A few years later, a huge cottonwood tree was lifted out by the roots in one grand event. Just beyond this, there is a good swimming hole.
Today, the granite swimming channel looks deep and it is being fed by a set of rapids.
Their roar is echoing on the steep dark grey granite walls in this narrow stretch. It is often very windy here.  A Bernoulli’s tube effect can push air at incredible speeds. Today, in the sun and triple digit heat, there is a pleasant cooling breeze greeting us across our nude bodies.
I get in the suds to cross over to the shade, planning to lay out on a rock, after a snack. I have pulled off my shoes to explore more naturally.
Where it is often a rock bottom, the shoot is filled with sand.  Sand bars bring me up higher with each step, until my bare feet are only maybe one foot underwater. Then, I quickly find myself in a deep pool above my head.
Going across, against the current, I search for purchase under the suds and color. It pulls me. I struggle, feeling with my feet, then my hands. A big rock is smooth, so I can’t grip. I feel around and find a sharp edge. Fingers grip as I pull, just fingers against a very strong current. My body is tossed around as Mother Nature Gia plays with me. I’m not treated as her toy, but with me as her child.
Holding on, the current swiftly takes my body away, raising my butt out of the water. It is a ride and a game from her. I pull. The current changes and whips me sideways, slows and speeds. It is all random, unpredictable. I giggle and laugh like a carnival ride, I pull and am able to get my feet on the other side of the rock and squat, a victory, but I’ll not make it further, she is in control.
DF finds a heart shaped rock.
I ponder a tiny whirlpool.
Black algae glistens in a cliff face as water seeps out of a crack where two massive pieces of geology have moved and shifted.
We are in no hurry, content to imbibe every nuance along our way. It is all such a treat. We go with the flow.
There is a lot of climbing.
I’m not sure if Redington has a flat mundane surface, anywhere.
Again, we notice that the water level is sinking fast. DF climbs into a dark colored swimming hole, only to be surprised by how shallow it actually is.
DF appreciates how a wet shirt is chillingly cool on a hot day.
Water is red. We turn red submerged in the water. Ripples surround us.
We return to a party like atmosphere at the first big pool and beach. It is very friendly. I’m working my way into some rapids to massage my body and then shoot down into the deep swimming pool.
Some guy is talking to DF, as she washes the sand out of the toe shoes. The current carries me over to them. He introduces himself as Ryan. He has recognized us from the website.
“Again!” I joke to DF that she is a cyber celebrity.
We easily agree that we will come back as soon and as often as possible.
I am on the forum of often, if you would like to converse.
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