5 Activities to Discover or Enhance Naturism

Whether you’re a naturist who want more nude time or a non-naturist who think about giving naturism a go, this post if for you! For many, naturism is about getting naked. However, as I outlined in other posts and in my book, Embracing Nudity, nudism is a journey, not a destination. It’s not about getting naked, it’s about enjoying our natural, simple, and normal nudity in many if not a vast majority of activities. Nudism is made of encounters and discoveries. In this post, I unveil five activities that will make you add a new dimension to nudism and naturism. Something you may not have thought about or may not have had the courage to do. Here are five opportunities to discover nudism and naturism is a formidable new way.
1- Swim
This is how many people discover the incredible comfort of nudity. Skinny-dipping is pretty popular, particularly with friends when everybody has forgotten his or her swimsuit. However, the moment you’re in water, what strikes you is the incredible comfort of it. There are three simple ways to discover nude swimming: skinny-dipping, nude beach, naturist slot at a local swimming pool. For skinny-dipping, what works and has worked on multiple occasions for me is to plan a hike with friends that you know will go near a lake or a river and purposely don’t take a swimsuit. On site, propose to skinny-dip and leverage the occasion to talk about nudism.
There are hundreds of nude beaches, pick on, ask friends to join and go. Of course, it goes beyond just swimming and is a great way to discover naturism for many, including you. It’s one of the routes to nudism and naturism, with, icing on the cake, the possibility to swim naked. For the natu …

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