10 Naturist campsites in France that are VERY popular among families

The summer months have finally arrived in the northern hemisphere and many European naturists are looking forward to their well-deserved nakation. Maybe you have already arrived at some tropical destination. Or maybe you’re reading this blog post while stuck in one of those infamous traffic jams on the “Route du Soleil”.

A question we really get a lot is which naturist campsite in France would be best to visit as a family. Because travelling with children asks for a little more research. There have to be at least some facilities for them, like a playground. Maybe some activities as well. And preferably there are other children with whom they can make friends and not just a bunch of adults.

As we have visited quite a lot of naturist campsites in France already, here are the ones that we would specifically recommend.

But first…
Before we start with a list, there are a couple of things we feel that we need to mention. One is that European families tend to travel between the 2nd week of Juli and the 3rd week of August. So if your kids are the social kind that loves to make new friends, this is the period when you want to travel as well. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive period.

Secondly, this list is probably far from complete. There are more than …

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