The naturist microculture

There are these moments when you really feel as if you fit in. As if everyone is on the same wavelength. As if you’ve found your peers, your tribe. This may happen when you have a gathering with your old school friends or your besties. After an evening full of chats and laughter you wonder why it has taken more than two months to arrange this. Why your agenda is full of things you don’t really want to do, that makes it almost impossible to find the time to have a night like this.

This doesn’t only happen with people you know, by the way. Sometimes you can end up in a place with nothing but complete strangers and still feel as if you belong there. A place where everyone seems to share the same values. Like a naturist resort.

What are microcultures
We were listening to a podcast with Gary Vee the other day in which he describes microcultures as “short periods in space and time where you manage to create a strong bond with the people around you”. The examples he gave were festivals and cruises. Add naturist resorts to that list and the common denominator becomes even more obvious.

These are all secluded places, where you spend a limited amount of time, where you share a common interest with the others, and where the rules of society don’t seem to apply. This doesn’t …

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