The Emotions of Nudity

In every aspect of our life we have to deal with a multitude of emotions that can bring both positive and negative reactions. These emotional reactions are not just our own either, but the reactions of those around us prompted by our own actions and those from a third party. Like many of you, I deal with a lot of emotions on a daily and weekly basis. Personally, the ones I have been dealing with most recently are, generally speaking, joy, happiness, fear, and compassion. I’m sure you’ve been able to pick up on some of these in my previous writings, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to take in and begin to understand what these emotions are and why I tend to have so many at times. This got me thinking about how we as humans perceive and understand emotions on a more intimate level, and how these emotions are taken into account when take our clothes off or when we see someone who is naked. …

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