The Clothing Policy at Naturist Resorts

We have recently been asked to do a short Q&A with a number of non-naturist content creators who were going to visit a naturist resort for the first time and report about their experience on their blogs, vlogs, and social media. As one of the reasons why we started this blog was to inform people about what’s really going on at a naturist resort, we happily said yes.

One of the questions that came up was whether they will have to be naked all the time. This didn’t come as a surprise, because we’ve had this question many times before from first-time naturists. We’ve even identified this as something that stops people from giving naturism a try. It’s not the fear of going nude, it’s the fear of being pressured to be naked when you don’t feel comfortable.

Nude when possible, clothed when practical
The mantra of many naturists is “nude when possible, clothed when practical”. Both “possible” and “practical” mostly refer to the weather and the environment. A sunny afternoon next to the swimming pool of a naturist resort is definitely both possible and practical. A meeting with your boss on a cold winter evening is neither possible nor practical.

We too follow this mantra quite strictly. If we can’t see a practical reason to wear clothes, we don’t wear any. But we are also aware that this is very personal. What is practical …

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