The Best Way to do Naked Yoga Online

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Naked yoga is exactly what it sounds like. So what’s with all the hype? While naturism is still a relatively fringe pastime, naked yoga seems to be rising in popularity in recent years, with even celebrities and influencers declaring their love for it. While the latest craze makes it sound like little more than a trend, nude yoga, also known as Nagna Yoga, is a liberating form of the practice that has actually been around since ancient times. The reported benefits by throngs of dedicated practitioners worldwide are clear evidence that naked yoga is no passing phase – it’s here to stay!

Clear and proven benefits
Yogis who love practicing nude yoga claim that the element of nudity enhances the already impactful benefits of yoga itself, including improved strength and flexibility, greater self-awareness and mindfulness, and decreased stress and anxiety. According to True Naked Yoga, an instructional Naked Yoga streaming service, their community members report the following benefits:

A stronger mind-body connection
Improved sense of self-love and acceptance of the body just as it is
Increased self-awareness and sensitivity to one’s environment
Greater freedom of physical movement without the constrictions of clothing
Fewer distractions from adjusting clothing during the practice

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