Tayrona National Park: Colombia’s Only Nude Beach

Nude beaches have the tendency to be hard to get to. You’ll rarely find them near very urban areas or where all the action is happening. Even if there’s a parking space, there might still be quite a hike to be done before you can finally take off your clothes. This does have its advantages though. This is one of the main reasons why nude beaches are rarely crowded, less polluted, and why they tend to have a wild feel. If you don’t really want to go to that beach, you just don’t bother doing the effort.

In the case of the official nudist beach at Tayrona National Park in Colombia, this is an understatement. Both are understatements. Not only is it really hard to get to, but what you’ll find if you do eventually get there is one of the most pristine nude beaches that you may have ever seen.

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Tayrona National Park Nudist Beach
Tayrona National Park is one of the most popular destinations in Colombia for nature lovers. It’s an impressively large jungle, right at the Caribbean shoreline, boasting of wildlife. You can hike for hours surrounded by lush greenery, awing at the most colourful birds and the monkeys in the tree tops, and take breaks at spectacular white sandy beaches. Many other travellers compare Tayrona with national parks in Costa Rica. Except that Colombia still attracts much fewer tourists. It may not seem like that if you see the crowds in our video, but that’s bec …

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