Naked Hiking beyond June 21

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Hiking is a healthy and ecological activity. Although I’ve hiked since I was a king, I’ve been hiking entirely naked for more that 15 years, save a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, a hat and a backpack. Being a naturist and often undressing during lunch breaks or skinny dipping when possible, I once asked what it would feel like to hike naked and I was instantaneously hooked. I then discovered the book Naked Hiking and it was the end of the question about whether I was alone to hike naked.

It was although the end of clothed hiking, as soon as temperatures allow nudity. I then discovered June 21 was Naked Hiking Day. Being the longest day in the Northern Atmosphere, it’s a great opportunity to talk about naked hiking and to invite hikers to join the naturist movement. It’s also a great opportunity to have the press to inform people about naked hiking.

However, naked hiking should not be limited to June 21. It is not actually and you can hike naked, like I do, as often as you want. The question I’m often asked about naked hiking is whether it’s different from clothed hiking. Well, no and yes. No, in the sense that you need to get prepared as you would for any other hike, including having enough water and food, and packing any security item. Yes, in the sense that you can include a cover-up in case of textile encounters and apply generously sun lotion. However, it’s a resounding yes as once you start to hike naked, it feels really weird to have to hike with clothes on.
Another question I’m often asked is whether I start hiking naked or clothed. Well, it all depends where you start hiking. It happens that the place you leave the car is quite far from houses. In those cases, I undress, leave my clothes in the car and have the immense pleasure of starting naked. When I have to park in the middle of a village or close to houses, I generally keep a short on, that I take off as soon as I’m far enough from the last house. It’s a …

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