I love being naked, and no, it’s not sexual…

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The main deterrent to nudism/naturism from non-nudists/naturists is that nudity is something that is private and linked to sexual arousal. However, for nudists and naturists, non-sexual nudity is a reality. It’s a complete separation between nudity and sexuality. This means one can be naked without feeling sexual and without having any sexual thoughts. Many people, you may be, have been taught that nudity is private and “dirty”. Millions of nudists and naturists prove daily it can be public (or semi-public as most resorts are fenced, although nude beaches are public) and neat, sane, and totally normal.
I am one of those people who enjoy to be naked for the many benefits nonsexual social nudity provides. A lot has been written about the many benefits of nudism and naturism including on this blog, for instance 12 reasons why I am a nudist and you should be too! and Benefits of Naturism, or my books from the Nudism series available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format:

However, these last weeks, I’ve had discussions with textiles and nudists that tend to show that more people confuse nudism with sex and naturists with weirdo Neanderthals. So here are a few random thoughts about what nudism and naturism really are.
Penises, vulvas and breasts are (just) body organs
Private parts are those parts that should not be seen by others: penises, vulvas and women breasts. This is how many people think about those body organs. Why so? Because they are sexual organs. Oops, is this becoming sexual? No! When you have to get naked for surgery, it’s nothing sexual. When you’re naked to take a shower, it’s nothing sexual. Why penises, vulvas and breasts should only be seen through a sexual lens?
Yes, they have a sexual and reproduction function, but they are also organs like hands, feet and noses. What is offensive about a penis, a vulva or breasts? Nothing as such. I would argue, it’s like a knife. It’s not offensive until you point it to someone. Sexualizing nudity is taking for granted that a naked person is having or will be having sex. Desexualizing nudity is taking for granted that the behavior of the naked person is what makes his or her intent.
Behavior is what matters not th …

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