7 Tips for a Nude Summer

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels.com
Nudism and naturism are heavily dependent on the weather for many of us. Summer rhymes with nudism and holidays. But it’s not always easy to ensure that you’ll be able to spend some naturist quality time. As I’ve been in that situation for many years, I have established a set of actions to ensure nudism is front and centre of my summer time. Whether you’re a committed naturist or think about trying for your summer holidays, here are seven tips to help you have a nude summer.
1- Commit to Nudity
One of my key learning of this life comes from commitments. The moment you commit to something, you increase your chances of success. Hence, if you want to have a nude summer, you need to commit to it and to putting nudism at the heart of your choice. This means to pick a place where you’ll be able to be naked all day if possible or to the bare minimum you would like.
Being naked all day means picking a naturist resort, village or campsite. Being naked a portion of the day means picking a place near a nude beach or a nude resort that you can have access to. Either way, this may require some research and booking. The moment you book your stay at or near a naturist resort, you’ve executed on your commitment and it’s a beautiful thing. It also builds on the excitement of enjoying holidays in a wonderful environment where you’ll meet like-minded people: other naturists and nudists.

Staying in a nudist/naturist place is having the certainty of not only being able to enjoy nude time without thinking about it, it’s also having the certainty of meeting other nudists/naturists and make some new friends. Having nudist/naturist friends is a reinforcing mechanism to your commitment to nudity, as it becomes the obviousness of your relationship. With other nudists/naturists, nudity is not a topic any more, something you have to worry about or ask for permission, you just get naked without thinking about it.
A commitment to nudity is not a prerequisite although sometimes not enough to enjoy nude time we aspire to. The other aspect is to plan ahead, if like me yo …

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