5 Reasons to Return to Naturism

We often jokingly warn people that naturism can be addictive. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be wanting more. That’s only half a joke because very few of those who tried end up not liking naturism and returning to a fully clothed life.

And even among those very few, not all of them are lost. During our travels, we also met quite some naturists who quit naturism at one point in their lives but eventually did return to our unclothed way of living. People change and so does naturism. So if you’ve ever gone nude and did not enjoy it, here are five reasons to give it another try.

1. Naturism has changed
One of the reasons why some people didn’t enjoy naturism is not because they didn’t like the social nudity part, but because they couldn’t enjoy the whole organisation of naturism. We get where this comes from. Several decades ago, naturism used to be a much more strict lifestyle than it is today. Naturist clubs back in the day often didn’t allow smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating meat. And the general idea was that you were naked as much as possible. Read: whenever the weather allows it. This also meant that you were supposed to be naked in circumstances in which you may not feel completel …

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