The Price of Naturism

Every now and then, the discussion about the financial aspects of naturism seems to pop up on social media. It’s one of those endless debates that live on a pilot light most of the time, but a little spark is enough to start yet another series of heated tweets. Recently, such a spark came from Hector Martinez (quite known for not fearing controversial topics), when he talked about how censorship on mainstream social media forces the naturist content creators to move to paid platforms like Patreon.

Although endless and often very repeating, we do kinda like this conversation. It shines a light on how people really think about naturism and how some aspects are often misunderstood. As our personal opinion about this topic is much more than what fits into a handful of tweets, we decided to write a blog post about it.

Naturism is, and will always be FREE
It’s interesting how some people like to shout that “naturism should always be free”. Because it is already free. There’s no question about it. Nobody can charge you money to call yourself a naturist and neither does it require any investment. Naturism is not something that one can own. It’s a philosophy, a belief, something in your head. Even better is that nobody can stop you from being a naturist. Your local laws may be against it, or your religion, or your partner, but as long as you believe …

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