Our Team Expands! Will our new intern fit into our way of living? [Bogota/Palomino – Colombia]

We are always full of great ideas and plans, but a lot of these don’t ever get anywhere because we just don’t have the time to execute them. In fact, we could use some help. This help suddenly fell (almost literally) out of the sky. We received a message from a friend who’s studying e-commerce, and who could help us with developing our shop. But not just everybody can join our team, a prerequisite is that you get a feel of who we are and how we travel. So our intern flew over to Colombia to join us for a couple of weeks. Will she (or he) be able to fit in?

00:00 Intro
03:23 Welcome Caroline
05:21 Let’s go to the coast
05:48 Palomino
07:31 Money issues
08:20 Who’s Caroline?
09:56 Let’s go to the beach
11:10 Outro

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– Plan a trip to Colombia: https://bit.ly/3iTbdkb

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