Musings about Naturism and Sex

We’ve talked about naturism and sex before on this blog, and it’s a topic that has been discussed more than enough in naturist circles. Or is it? The reason why we decided to tackle this once again is two comments on our content during the last week that show that there still is quite some misunderstanding.

By now, we believe that most people already understand that naturism is not a synonym for orgies and that naturist clubs aren’t secret sex venues. But the details seem to remain fragile. Or the practicalities, if you wish. What does non-sexual social nudity really mean? How does it work? And is there a gray zone?

The confusion about naturism
One of the before mentioned comments was posted on our latest Live Q&A video, and says that “naturists are frowning upon and/or straight-up forbidding sex, and therefore perpetuating the false idea that sex is unnatural and shameful”. This one sentence really surprised us, because that is not how we experience naturism at all. We’ve never considered naturism to be sex-negative, but we do understand where this comment is coming from.

Ever since people started wearing clothes by default, not just for protection purposes, the nude body slowly but firmly became sexualized. It was not something for others to see, except for those with whom you share the bed. Nudity in the presence of others was completely linked to sex, with the only exception being communal showers, which had a very practical explanation.

For the early naturists, this posed a hug …

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