Will the future of the internet be beneficial for naturism?

During the last year or so, we have been bombarded by new terms coming from the online world: Metaverse, blockchain, Web 3.0, NFTs, DAOs, only to name a few. And just recently, the news got out about Elon Musk buying Twitter, the last big stronghold for online naturists. This covers us in a blanket of uncertainty. Are the days of online naturism officially over? Or will these new changes actually create many new opportunities?

Something you may not know yet is that Nick has a background in IT. And that he can get a bit geeky about these things. As the internet is a very important part of our strategy to promote naturism, we thought that it is time to dive deeper into the philosophies around this new online world and make some predictions about what might happen. Or not.

The blockchain revolution
If these new terms sound as foreign to you as “zungenbrecher” or “kuddelmuddel”, we’ll give you a brief explanation of what is happening. You’ve probably already heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Unlike what some people still think, this is not just a way to buy illegal drugs on the Dark Web. Cryptocurrencies are actual currencies, comparable to dollars, euros, and rupees. They can be used to buy stuff in an increasing number of shops. In fact, there’s even a whole village in El Salvador that …

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