12 Excellent European Naturist Resorts with a Nude Beach

What does your preferred naturist destination look like? Which feature does it need to have for you to consider visiting the place?

We’re not just asking you this, it’s a question we’ve been asking many naturists during our travels. The number one answer by far is that there has to be nature. The majority of the naturists we meet prefer greenery over concrete. Which didn’t exactly come as a surprise. Within nature, the choices are much better spread. Some like forests, some like rivers, so like naked hiking opportunities and a lot of you like access to a beach. A nude beach preferably.

During the last years, we’ve visited an abundance of naturist resorts in Europe and several of those do have direct access to a nude beach. Hereby an overview.

Bagheera in Corsica, France
We’ll start with an absolute topper. The largest nude beach in Europe is called Linguizzetta beach and can be found on the French island Corsica. And right at this nude beach is naturist resort Bagheera. While France is known for its huge Atlantic nude beaches (more about those later), the Mediterranean ones tend to be much smaller and often very crowded. Well, Linguizzetta beach is the complete opposite of this. It’s a wide, 4-kilometer-long nude beach with several watersports facilities and a handful of beach bars.

Because the Bagheera campsite is tucked away in a dense Eucalyptus forest, you can see the beach from the resort, but once you’re at the beach you don’t notice that there is a resort right behind you. Instead, it feels as if you’re surrounded by nothing but nature. The mountain tops in the backdrop and the warm Mediterranean sea make you feel like you’re on a Caribbean island rather than in France.

Riva Bella in Corsica, France
Right around the corner of Bagheera is another wonderful naturist resort called Riva Bella. The beach at Riva Bella is not as long and wide as Linguizzetta beach, but the white sand and warm waters are definitely comparable. One of the things we loved about Riva Bella is that you can camp right on the beach. Also several of their rental accommodations have a front-row sea view.

This is a truly magnificent experience, to wake up in the morning, stick your head outside and see nothing but emerald blue water. Thanks to the warm water temperatures, we hardly ever could stop ourselves from running straight into the sea for a morning skinny dip. Needless to say that the beachfront pitches and rentals are in high demand, so if you want one of those, make sure to book early.

Sérignan Plage Nature in France
We mentioned before that the Fren …

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