Wanted: Superheroes

Folks, don’t laugh. I am very serious.
I need 2 superheroes. Even worse, I need two nude superheroes. And why? I have a book cover to fill.

So far, the cover looks like this. Not much there, huh? I agree. It needs people. Superhero people. And that is where this cry for help comes in.
What I am looking for are a man and a woman, anywhere between 20 and 50, who are willing to donate 2 pictures each. In return you will get a copy of the book, e-book or print, whichever has your preference. Autographed if you so like. (Sorry, I am not in the publishing ranks of George R.R. Martin yet, where I can pay thousands of dollars as a fee.)
If you are interested, intrigued or just plain curious: please read on.
What I am looking for are 2 pictures per hero. 1 dressed, 1 undressed. The female hero is a school teacher, the male hero is a programmer. The dressed images will need a clear face, so be aware of that. People WILL be able to recognise you if they see the book. No need to import a school for the teacher, or a computer room for the programmer, though. 🙂
That’s all I want to share for now. If you are interested, please drop me a line via the contact form or the email address that’s listed there.

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