Naturism vs. Nudism: It’s a cultural thing

Are you a naturist or a nudist? Or something else?

This question is a very common topic in naturist communities, especially online ones. Until about five years ago, we would have told you that we are naturists. No doubt. Because where we come from, if you can come up with any other reason to enjoy being naked except for just the sake of it, you are a naturist.

In fact, to us, the term “nudist” has always had a bit of an undertone. Naturism was defined as more than just being naked. It was about respect and about enjoying your surroundings to the fullest. Whereas nudism leaned more toward exhibitionism. If you prefer to call yourself a nudist instead of a naturist, this must mean that you don’t agree with the principles of naturism. And if that is the case, we probably won’t agree with your reasons to get naked. Right? It wouldn’t take very long until we’ve learned that it’s not that simple.

We were about 2 days into our big Naked Wanderings journey when we already stumbled upon a new term. We were searching for the naked part of a beach on the Croatian coastline, but there were no signs mentioning anything like “nudist”, “naturist”, or even “nude beach”. Instead, we found the cryptical term “FKK”. Honestly, we had no idea what tha …

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