Naturism on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

We had never really considered the Canary Islands as a decent naturist destination. Especially because, if you look at the map of naturist resorts, there don’t seem to be all that many. If a region that has decent naturist weather pretty much year-round does not have an abundance of naturist opportunities, there’s probably something wrong. This was our easy conclusion. As many times before, our simple logic would prove to be quite unreliable. Something we would soon find out.

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Our Canary camping trip
We were traveling on the Spanish Mediterranean coast for the second winter in a row, visiting one naturist destination after the other. As fun as this is, we felt like our travels could use a bit of spicing up. It was time for something new. Something different. Influenced by the many “van life” youtube channels that we are following, renting a van would be an excellent next step in our travels. It would add another dimension and could bring us to places that we might not be able to visit when we relied on buses and trains.

The initial plan was to rent a van in Malaga and spend a month traveling around Andalucia. Visit the many nude beaches, awe at the historical cities, and eat the delicious seafood. The plan was as good as fixed and we had almost signed a rental contract when we stumbled upon an issue. It was still winter, and although the temperatures during the day were quite agreeable, at night time they tended to drop and there was quite some chance that we would be spending most evenings under a thick blanket inside our van after 6 PM or so.

That was not how we …

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