Can you really get naked on every beach in Spain?

If you’re following the naturist news on social media, it was hard not to notice the interesting news update that came from Spain. The City Council of Cadiz in Andalucia announced that from now on, all the local beaches would be naturist friendly. This might have come as a surprise to some of you because Spain happens to be that one country in which it’s known that it’s okay to be naked on all beaches. Then why make such a fuss about a handful of beaches in Cadiz?

The Spanish laws on nudity
According to Spanish federal law, it’s not illegal to be naked in public places. Which technically makes it legal. This is why it’s commonly known that every beach in the country is a potential nude beach. Unless there are local laws that specifically forbid it. As happens to be the case in a handful of places among which the city of Barcelona and before mentioned Cadiz.

This doesn’t only apply on beaches by the way but in every public place. If you’d like to stroll naked along the Paseo del Prado in Madrid on a warm sunny day, it’s technically not against the law. But it’s quite likely that this will get you in trouble at some point. Like this guy in Aldaia who insists to wander around his hometown without clothes. He carries an excerpt of the law that proves that he’s not doing anything illegal, but when he wal …

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