Skin care

It’s amazing how much money goes around in skin care. There are lotions, powders and even complete clinics for skin care. It’s almost shocking.

Skin care productsAnd all that is considered normal.
The weird thing is that – and we know this – the majority of people neglect the biggest part of that skin. The stuff in the image is for hands, faces or ankles, and occasionally there’s something for the entire body. All of them money-makers. Chemicals.
How lucky are we that we know a good way to avoid (to a degree?) those things, simply by taking off our clothes and giving our skin the option to breathe. To catch sunlight.

Nudists in the sun
It doesn’t take much, does it? It takes very little, even. Just a spot where it’s okay to undress. And, I admit, something we don’t control: the weather has to play along.
Sure, being careful in the sun is important. No one likes sun burns. No one like skin cancer. Being smart about those things isn’t that hard, is it?
I think this is a much better way to care for one’s skin than the version with the dozen bottles of stuff that people put on themselves.
Do you have ways to care for your skin, other than what I put up here? I’m not a specialist, you know, and always willing to learn.
Keep your skin safe, people. It’s your ultimate home.

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