Review: Charco del Palo in Lanzarote, Spain

The term “naturist village” is being used quite loosely and most often it refers to a resort rather than to an actual village. It’s not a patented term and there are no prerequisites to meet. If you want to call your back garden a naturist village, you are free to do so. But there are few places that are actual villages where one can just be nude. The ones that do exist are often fenced-off parts of a town or recently built urbanization.

Charco del Palo is one of the few places that come close to a “real” naturist village. It is, of course, mostly a vacation destination, but it doesn’t feel as if you’re walking inside a hotel. The architecture and amenities make it seem as if you’re in any of the other coastal towns of Lanzarote, except that in this one you can walk the streets without clothes.

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How to get to Charco del Palo
In case you’re not familiar with the Canary Islands, this island group is a part of Spain but is located somewhere halfway up the Atlantic coastline of Morocco. So it goes without saying that the easiest way to reach the islands is via the air. Lanzarote has an international airport that connects to numerous cities on the European mainland. There are several low-cost airlines serving the airport, which makes flying also the cheapest option.

In case you prefer not to fly, there is also the option to come by ferry. At the time …

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