Naturist Camping with an Eye for Hygiene

If you have been following our latest travels on our YouTube channel, you’ve seen us camping with a van in some purely magnificent places on the Canary Islands. We’ve been camping right on the beach every single night. When the people staying in their fancy expensive hotel rooms with ocean views looked outside their windows, the first thing they saw was… our camper.

Needless to say that camping comes with some unique perks. We don’t only get the best spots, it’s also relatively cheap and we get to spend our time really close to nature. Of course, this also means that we have to give in on comfort. In the end, we are staying in a small box with a minimum of facilities. And one of the questions we’ve been hearing the most is how about hygiene?

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Hygiene on a naturist campsite
Truth to be said, our lives during the last weeks would have been quite more hygienic if we had been staying at campsites. Especially our personal hygiene, because campsites have showers. This was not an option on the Canary Islands though, the very few campsites that do exist were all closed. And we probably wouldn’t have stayed there anyway because they are not naturist campsites.

One huge advantage of naturist campsites is that we think that they are a lot more hygienic than textile campsites. Because you don’t need to take your clothes inside a small cabin, they don’t get damp and can’t fall on the floor. Which means that they can’t pick up microbes. Many naturist campsites also have communal …

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