Naked Yoga Therapy

In this article we welcome Oquila, from Oquila Yoga, who delivers naked yoga classes. She reached out to me some time back to talk about her practice of naked yoga, which I enthusiastically welcomed. As a naked yoga amateur practitioner, I’m always eager to learn more about it. I’m happy to share the words and beautiful pictures of Oquila.
Naturism is the celebration of the body, while Yoga is a celebration of the range of movements of the body and everything the body can do.Yoga can help to keep the body mobile and flexible whether you are a peak athlete or barely move much. We all age, and yoga with its calming practices, increasing oxygen and blood flow, as well as gentle strength training can slow that aging process down.

We are all born naked in this lifetime, every single one of us arrives in the same human suit. A super power in this lifetime is to learn to celebrate and utilize this one & only body that you are given. Your skin is your biggest sensory organ of the body and sends back vital information to the brain, which is key for your survival. Its ability to decipher the weather, temperature & wind factor, as well as a moisture gauge.

Clothing often restricts not just our movements but our breathing as well. Breathing is both the first thing and the last thing we do in this lifetime. Air is the element we are most dependent onto survive. Breathing better improves all areas of our lives. Move through breathing, meditation and a variety of touch awareness poses.
Classes are mostly privates as I work specifically with what you want to achieve with your bo …

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