Naked Hiking: Where to enjoy a hike in the buff

Naked hiking is becoming increasingly popular these days. We can think of a variety of reasons why this is happening, but the most important one is probably that being nude adds an additional dimension to enjoying nature. Hiking is known to be one of the best ways to deeply connect with your surroundings, and once you get rid of that last artificial layer (called clothes) there is absolutely nothing between you and the world around you.

Another reason is the growing urge for naturists to break out. To get past the high fences of the resort or the large signs of the nude beach. In a way, we could say that we are going back to traditional naturism. Back to where our forefathers started our way of living. Back into the wild.

The pros and cons of naked hiking
We already mentioned the most important pro in the first paragraph of this blog post: Connecting with nature. There is just no better way to do this than without clothes. Another big advantage is that you give your body the chance to optimally regulate its own temperature through perspiration. Something which is definitely harder when pieces of fabric soak up your sweat. And then there is this feeling of freedom or liberation that so many naturists experience when they shed off their clothes. This only increas …

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