Why we use censorship on Naked Wanderings

This is probably the number one question that we are being asked (with “How do you make money?” as a close second, but that’s for another blog post). Some propose their own opinions. Are we prudes? Are we not really naturists? Are we posers who are just looking for quick fame on the internet? Are we keeping the juicy stuff to put behind a paywall?

Truth to be said, as Naked Wanderings evolved over the years, we got this question less and less. People started to trust that what we do is genuine and valuable, even without nipples or genitals. Until recently, when we started making videos on YouTube and reached a completely new audience. Our “not so naked” presence became a hot topic again, so we figured that it was time to address the elephant in the room.

Digestible naturism
Naked Wanderings started from the idea that we could do things differently than the (then) available naturist content. Our goal was to tell the world about naturism and hopefully inspire them to give it a try one day. We figured that we could do more than the typical naturist magazine or the old-fashioned naturist website. There were a …

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