Body Positivity: The Resistance from Within

The name Jitske Van de Veire will probably not ring too many bells if you’re not from Belgium. She’s the daughter of a Belgian celebrity and has recently gained her own fame by becoming a leading face in the promotion of body positivity. She regularly posts semi-nude pictures on her Instagram account with the goal to show the world that there’s nothing wrong with not qualifying to the “beauty ideals”. The message behind it is that she owns her body and that she can do with it whatever she wants to. Needless to say, we are fans.

In the news again
A couple of days ago, Jitske made the Belgian newspapers again, but with a completely different message: “Keep it fucking clean!”. Just like everyone who dares to do something online that doesn’t comply with society’s standards, Jitske gets a lot of dirt over her head. We have written about online harassment before, and it’s not very hard to imagine what some of the comments look like if a 28-year-old woman posts half-naked pictures on Instagram.

From her own experience and by being “the daughter of”, she probably knows a thing or two about how the media works and how not to be completely offended by every jerk who decides to project his or her own insecurities into an insulting comment. But sometimes it just gets too much. It’s totally fine that everyone has their own opinion and not everyone will agree that one should own their own body. Just like not everyone agrees that it’s okay to be naked among total strangers. It’s not about being right or wrong here, it’s abou …

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