Review: Costa Natura in Estepona, Spain

Our luck wouldn’t last forever, we knew that, but it’s a thought that we had banned to the very back of our heads. Ever since we had arrived in Spain, we had been enjoying magnificent weather. Lots of sun and very often agreeable enough temperatures to spend at least some time of the day without clothes. But once we passed Malaga, we could see that the trees outside were taking weird shapes that could only be caused by strong winds.

We were on our way to Costa Natura, one of Spain’s most popular naturist resorts in the southern coastal town Estepona. We had been looking very much forward to this, Costa Natura is one of those empty spots on our map that urgently needed to be filled. Even though we were traveling in January, pretty much the worst period of the year for a nakation in Spain, we couldn’t just pass on the opportunity. And we would have to take the weather as it came. An excellent choice, as we would both agree when we left the resort several days later.

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How to get to Costa Natura
Estepona is roughly located about halfway between …

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