Nude Across America Pt.21: Turtle Lake

On the way in to visit old friends in Battle Creek, that is while we were lost with a GPS and the wrong address, we passed by Turtle Lake Nude Resort. We made up our mind to stop there on the way out. I’ve been curious for a long many years. It is big enough to have rock festivals. The sun’s out for now.  Online, it says that there’s a dance Saturday night.

The morning of our departure, we stock up on fresh blueberries and fresh Michigan cherries at a local farm/ice cream store.
We find our way, after a friendly voice on the phone sets us up with directions.
How big is it? The entrance has a set of green grass rolling hills around a winding drive down to registration. There is no tall fence needed here.
During registration, we are given the tour on the back of a golf cart, which will give us the opportunity to choose our campsite.
There are dozens of Canadian Geese out in the fields. The driver explains that they are protected. From the look of it, the population is coming along just fine.
Poles with chains out in fields tell us about nude disk golf.
The first stop is the sprawling clubhouse. The indoor pool with a jaccuzzi has a water volleyball game taking place with intensity. The decor for a grand scale talent show is being put up as we wade through boxes in the bar/dancefloor area.  Along with the locker room with showers, it all follows any requirement for a well-appointed country club.  However, naked people wander through, unlike a country club, so we’re at home.
The snack bar, outdoor pool, tennis and pickleball courts, and a well laid out boule court …

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