Yes. It happened.
Today the new Naked Crow book, Jinn, sees the virtual light of day in your favourite e-book space.

Lizzy, an almost forgotten friend of Sheila and Jeremy, gets in touch with a cry for help.
She, with her group of friends, managed to summon a Jinn and now they’re in a fix. The Jinn doesn’t want to go home and causes problems. Sheila’s reputation speaks for itself, and so she is Lizzy’s last resort.
We also encounter a dangerous man at the Mighty Oaks. He’s not dangerous to others, though, but to himself.
As usual, there’s a lot going on and there are many questions to be answered. And not only by that Jinn.
The book is already available at
Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble , Apple books, Kobo and the Google Playstore. 
As you will know by now, the paperback drags its pages and will appear when it’s done.

Read further at Zjuzdme.org

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