A Day with the Naturist Association of Playa Cantarrijan

We’ve said this many times before, one of the best things about traveling is the social interactions. Yes, we go to great places, see amazing things, and eat delicious food, but the people who we meet along the way provide the memories that tend to stay the longest. They all come with their own stories and visions that broaden our own horizons. And when they are locals, they often take us to places that we might have just passed by if we were on our own.

The naturist association A.A.P.N Cantarrijan from the Andalucian town Almuñécar are very active on social media and our virtual paths had already crossed a number of times. Now that were traveling in the area, we figured that we should send them a message. They could probably give us some good tips and who knew, maybe they wanted to join us for an afternoon on their nude beach Playa de Cantarrijan.

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And then there was a plan
They happily agreed to organize a small meetup on the nude beach with some of their members. It would give us the chance to meet local naturists and we wouldn’t have …

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