Will mass tourism kill naturism?

About a year ago, we visited the Racó del Conill nude beach, just south of the Spanish city Benidorm, for the first time. Little did we know that due to the upcoming travel restrictions, this would become our naturist getaway for months to come. We loved spending time at this beach. It was the middle of winter, but thanks to the surrounding mountains that blocked the cold wind, clothes-free sunbathing and even an occasional skinny dip were possible on every sunny day.

The textile problem
During weekend days, the hiking trails surrounding Racó del Conill tended to get somewhat busy and now and then some of the clothed hikers found their way down. The beach was a good place to have a look over the Mediterranean (or maybe a quick peek at the naked people), but the naturists always outnumbered the clothed people by quite a high percentage.

This doesn’t always seemed to be the case though. When we talked with the local naturist group of Racó del Conill, they told us that textiles on the nude beach were becoming a serious problem in the summer months. You have to imagine that the main beach of Benidorm runs completely …

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