How to turn a bad year into a good one

Exactly one year ago, we published a blog post called Goodbye to the Lost Year, welcome 2021! It was our typical new year’s blog post, just like the one you just started reading now. We had no idea yet that the next 5 months we would be staying within not more than a 30-kilometer radius. We had no idea yet that traveling would prove to be as hard as in 2020. But neither did we imagine that our concept of Naked Wanderings would change very much. For the better, if you ask us.

During the last week, we’ve received many Christmas cards saying “let’s quickly forget 2021 and move on to 2022”. But the thing is, we don’t want to forget 2021. The year has been nothing like we imagined it would be, but nevertheless, we’re looking back at a great year. A year full of new experiences, a year when we learned a lot, and a year that may have shaped the future of Naked Wanderings.

Patreon to the rescue!
We’ll be honest with you, the future of Naked Wanderings was hanging on a thin thread at the beginning of 2021. We had lost some important projects in the previous …

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