Nude Across America Pt.17: Lake Willoughby

We know that Lake Willoughby’s free beach is on the south side of the lake. It isn’t difficult to find they say. We drive past, we drive back. We ask a guy by the side of the road, “Where’s the nude beach? “
“You’re here.” His further directions are “Keep to the left, of the left.”
The parking lot is full. We are lucky to find a spot near the entrance, or just off the road.  We get out of our little Honda and slip into kilt and sundress.
We haven’t gone but a few feet and are walking with probably a bit of an aimless expression.  We ask a guy (yea, again) to make sure.
“I’m heading there now. You can follow me if you like.”
He’s local and tells us that he comes here “all of the time.”
As we had wandered lost, we had seen a beach right next to this. We saw it filled with people, but they were all in clothing. It looked like this was the case here, but as we arrive, several people assure us with their own example.
The local Good Sam finds his local friends and we smile a parting, walking on to explore.  We are out to find our niche and to get a better idea of where we are, and what goes on.

There is a trail that goes on around the lake, up a hill and back. It comes close to the nude, or clothing optional section. The overflow and chaos of next door, apparently has several clothed people here. DF takes exception, “The textiles have a great beach and we can’t use it nude. So why should they be coming over here crowding the nude beach?”
She has …

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