Nude Across America:The Ledges in Sunshine

We’re on our road trip across America. It’s sort of a naked version of “Easy Rider,” but in a Honda Civic and okay, not in the Deep South. We’ve been heading north and now find ourselves in New England, in the heart of Vermont.

We need some down time. This whole vacation has been a whirlwind. We have an excellent camping situation and some grey weather with a threat of rain and some mosquitoes. We wake up with a desire for rest and solitude. We’re just going to take a deep breath today.

Camping Fashion’s SenseWhile DF prepares some food, I plop myself down with my little half-size guitar and challenge myself to make it sound less like a ukulele. DF has some reading and we both write and reflect. We hold hands while we stare at trees…you know, have a vacation.
I’ve got a series here. What to call it…”Naked Across America”…”An old folkster heads across America and he forgets his pants!”… I’ll give it some more thought. Meanwhile, in an emptying campground, with ears opened and visual blocks, we manage to enjoy a bit of nudity in the middle of this public place.
Earth Sky Time: 06-24-2021
We have decided a need to appropriate some supplies, before spending the afternoon at the ledges.
Leaving our fee-free nest, before the weekend crowds, we make our way south to tend to some business, as the Chairman of the Tucson Family Sweat Alliance. We’re building a new sauna. I have been investigating the possibility of using a rocket mass heater. They are known to burn 75% less wood and present 90% less emissions to the air. I’ve read on line that the Earth Sky Time …

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