Nude Across America Pt.13: Wandering Quartet

John P. and Dan are excellent hosts and showing us around Vermont, giving pointers, lore and introductions to several wonderful naturists. For we two, who are new to this environment and place, this is a valuable treat. They have decided to stay around an extra day, after the World Naked Hiking Day celebration and show us a few places on their way back to Massachusetts. We all are simpatico, enjoying each other’s company.


Emerald Lake:
We have breakfast, as the rain changes from a constant drizzle to a light sprinkle. The warmth of the sun is gone. Still, I’m getting by with just a t-shirt and a sweat shirt. Dan is defiantly nude. He is convinced of his hardiness in the cold. I suppose that there is much biology in belief to conquer the cold, just look what Wim Hof does with attitude.  We people of the Arizona desert, DF and Jbee, aren’t as adept at it.
We move our assembled tent back to the original shelter, which is now vacated by our fellow campsite occupants. They had said their goodbyes after breakfast.
We go down to the office to pay for an extended stay. We have chipped in to pay a portion of the site fees for the last few evenings. Now, we’ll be on our own.
Down the hill, a frustrated attendant is pounding at the computer to get it to work for her. She calls for help, which doesn’t come. Finally, with a curled lip and a squint, she just gives up to our inconvenience and announces that the stay will have no charge. Six days for $20 bucks! I can’t get out of there quick enough. I feel like I’ve done a robbery. I really like Vermont!
Secured, …

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