Our Naturist Road Trip through Southwestern France of 2021

The European summer is already a couple of months behind us, and we’ve visited so many places that it took until today to publish an overview of the last part of our summer journey. But what a part. A road trip through the southwest of France, from the Atlantic coast to the foot of the Pyrennees mountains. Along the way, we visited 6 naturist resorts. All very different and yet so very alike.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that the resorts mentioned below are not the only ones in the region. There are many more that we already visited during the last few years. For a good overview, check out our Naturism in France page or have a look at our Nakation Map. And, of course, there are some others left that we hope to visit in the coming years.

Upscale naturism at La Jenny
Our road trip started at the Atlantic coast, at a resort that had been on our wishlist for quite a while. La Jenny is the only place in this overview that is not a campsite, but a naturist holiday domain with only rental accommodations. Other than that, La Jenny is also …

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