Is it possible to create a genuine online platform for naturists?

This is the question that kept us awake one night in the early spring of 2020. We had been active on social media as naturists for years and although we managed to create quite a genuine community, we were still often disappointed, discouraged, and disgusted when we received yet another dick pic or sexual comment. Had these people learned nothing from our posts? Was all our promotion of non-sexual nudity just an illusion? And most of all, what do aspiring naturists think when they do their research online and get confronted with all this? Would it be possible to create an online platform for naturists without harassment and perversion?

Our epiphany
Let’s rewind a couple of days because this question didn’t pop up in our heads just like that. We had tried out several naturist social media and had long given up on the idea that it was possible to keep them creep-free. That was the first thing that we said to our friend George when he pitched us the idea of creating yet another naturist platform. We just couldn’t see how ours would be different from the others. How we could discourage the dick-pic-enthusiast from polluting our …

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