Review: Naturist B&B La Sorgente in Abruzzo, Italy

Throwback to last summer when we did an epic naturist road trip in Italy, from the very south of the country up to the very north. An amazing experience that we won’t easily forget and that we often like to think back about. Just because it keeps putting a smile on our faces. The other day, when we mentally did the trip once again, we came to an interesting realization. Of the 7 naturist resorts that we had visited, only 3 were Italian-owned.

This simple fact could lead us into a discussion about the geographics of naturism, but let’s keep that for another blog post. We don’t want to picture this as a negative thing either, because most of the non-Italian resort owners we met had been living in the country for over a decade and became quite Italian themselves. But if you’re looking for a true Italian naturist experience, you just have to go hang out with the Italians. And guess what, we know just the place for you: La Sorgente.

How to get to La Sorgente
La Sorgente is located in the Abruzzo region, which is if you look on the map, right east of Rome. …

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