Naked Across America: Coventry Resort

At the old airport campground, we’re up early to clear out. Barking dogs, loud generators, flies and mosquito attacks have us making record short time packing up.
It will be a long drive, up most of the length of Vermont, today. State Route #7 goes slow through little towns filled with charm. It will be great to take refuge at Coventry Naturist Resort, later this afternoon.
We’re going to try our hand at the resort’s nude 5k run tomorrow.
I’ve heard that Coventry dates way back. It is one of my goals during this trip to visit a classic New England naturist resort. I’m curious to get a better idea of what the environment was like, that the early nudists were attracted to.

We find our way through the green two lane parkway. The gingerbread accoutrements are dripping from the old houses. The countryside is emerald, the tombstones monuments seem extra tall and are probably quite old. It all gives the impression that most people were successful back in the day.
I strain my imagination picturing these lovely old structures among denuded hillsides of clear-cut forestry, the hard winters and the underlying exploitation. That world has been replaced greatly by friendly tourism.
Along the way, we are getting tired and hungry. We begin to look for a picnic table, or a park. Off to the right, is a sign for a Maple Museum. We are intrigued by something alluding to a maple syrup Mecca.
It is filled with maple paraphernalia and products. There is a historical display section in the museum. What captures our attention is a serving tray with several white paper cups on it. We are offered a maple tasting, like wine vineyards might do.
The color gets darker in each cup …

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