Are we making a joke of ourselves?

Our friend and colleague blogger, The Meandering Naturist, decided some months ago to take a break from blogging. A pity, if you ask us, as this blog has numerous times been an inspiration for our own blog posts. Luckily, Dan’s writings don’t come with an expiration date and continue to influence our own thoughts and ideas.

Like the other day, when we stumbled upon this short article about the 5 funniest names of nudist events in New York. Truth to be said, the names “Northern Exposure Sun Club” and “Split Rock Hole” caused a wry smile around our own lips as well. We immediately remembered the Meandering Naturist’s blog post about the joys of living naked in which Dan has quite a ramble about the nudist puns that seem to be kept alive by ourselves, the nudists, in the names of our events and facilities. We asked ourselves the same question: Are we making a joke of ourselves?

The North American Nudist Joke
If you’re a follower of The Meandering Naturist blog, you probably know that although Dan is from the United States, he has quite a preference for European naturist resorts and will regularly compare how …

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