Az. Fall Part two: Even More Stunning!?!

We’re in a remote Arizona canyon. The weather is wonderfully warm for November. The Fall foliage is stunning. We don’t know it yet, but it gets even better the further back into the canyon that we go.
See “Part I” here:
The next morning, we start at our leisure. I had been up for a surprisingly warm orange juice colored sunrise, but went back to bed.
Voices are heard. Two or three hikers walk by briskly up the canyon. They are the only ones about. They probably came from that group of RV’s a couple of miles down the road. This is a vast playground, all to our naked selves.
Today, we will continue upstream.  Yesterday, the color got more dramatic, the further we went up the canyon. I wonder if it will continue as that. We will walk at our leisure, immersed in it all, cameras recording the gems. No more plan is needed, other than a good trail lunch, water and snacks.

That overcast from Mexico, which left in the night, is back. This time, it has pressed further north of the border. It may damper our camera lighting. The more dull light seems to give these leaves a greater florescence, like it does desert flowers. There are few flowers seen, some lavender ones pop out here and there, while hungry bees search in vain.
I look up through the canopy. The color ends just above the canyon floor.
We will be experimenting with light and color all day. The camera can be fooled. We have not had leaves like this to capture before. There is shade and when the sun comes out there are beams and the danger of images, or parts of them being washed out, or …

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