The Things You don’t Say to a Nudist

We have been wanting to write about this topic for a while, especially when we see yet another social media post about nudism, and the comments section is filled with remarks about the person’s physical appearance. Many times, those comments don’t leave much space for interpretation. A “you look great” could be considered sweet or friendly, a “nice boobs babe” is rather… well… yeah… Pretty annoying.

Why we never wrote about this before
Many other bloggers have written about this topic before, and you can even find it mentioned in the list of rules of your favorite nudist resort. There are certain things you are not supposed to say according to the nudist etiquette and complimenting others on their body parts definitely makes the top three.

But there’s also a dark side to this rule. Some time ago, we heard the story about how several guests at a nudist resort complained to the staff about a single man acting weirdly. He had positioned himself at an empty corner of the sun deck next to the pool and didn’t talk to anyone. Nor did he ever make eye contact with any of the other guests. This made …

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