Nude Across America Pt.12: WNHD Two

In Vermont, it is day two of the World Naked Hiking Day group hike. Day One has gone splendidly, sunny and friendly. Read all about it here:
Nude Across America Pt.11: WNHD Day 1

There had been rain at dawn, but we’re going to get sunny weather today for the hike. In the tent, it was noisy enough to wake us up early, but we were dry.
Some quick oatmeal and we’re off.
We arrive to a full parking lot, again. There are twenty naked men. Several are new faces, today.
The number of women hikers has dwindled to one, which is DF. She is fine with that.  As the only woman, she isn’t being treated with a whole lot of special attention. We are all focused on the day and the trail’s hike.
In a full lot, we move vehicles to fit in and then another one shows up. Once again it takes a while and some effort to sort things out.
Rick is excited to be writing the report of this for “N” magazine. We gather to get the pictures going for publication and posterity.
There are three clothed men who have been surprised by this spectacle. Rick is a boisterous guy and has a passion for naturism. He immediately begins greeting them as a salesman for naturism. He convinces two in that car to strip!
“Okay!” We cheer it on. There are high spirits in us all.

We meet someone else who recognizes DF and me from this website. He tells us that he loves our blog. This man, Roy, is another person that it is a pleasure to hike with. Otherwise, the term herding cats” keeps popping up.  A trailhead has been chosen, which is more obvious than yesterday’s. Eventually, …

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